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Miraculous end to five years of back pain

A prayer from an old friend changed Rob’s life.

Her prayer brought unborn baby back to life

Wendy was a sceptic when it came to healing stories.

“I can hear well again”

Sanne has been healed of a life-long hearing problem.

Brothers healed of autism

Father received insights for healing of sons with autism.

No testimony without the test

Barbara and Steve experienced God when their little boy nearly died.

Gods hand?

Caleb gives taxi-driver in Oman surprise of his life.

Tim saw miracle on streets of Nijkerk

Lady able to move arm and hand again.

Shopping for jeans – Jesus style

Erika and her friends prayed for a shop assistant with an amazing result.

Bang! First crushed by a car and then hit by God

Terri Kruschke got seriously hurt in a car accident.

“To my surprise, people were getting healed”

Maria has seen friends healed of arthritis and skin-disease.

No need for hearing aid

Hearing loss gone after Nathan got prayed for at camp

Bigger than cancer

Edel met God during the toughest times of her life.

Free from addictions

Chris wanted to curl up and die, but decided to cry out to God for help.

Where is the tumor?

Flavio had a tumor on his throat…but then he started praying to Jesus.

Healing miracle blows pastor away

Pastor Phil is amazed when he experiences a big healing miracle in Uganda.

A pain in the neck story

Phil Dowding is fed up with the neck trouble and asks for prayer in church.