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“I have blossomed”

16 April 2015

Internet entrepreneur Angelique says God is the secret behind her huge success.

Musculair disease healed

21 January 2015

Remco: “The neurologist called it a miracle”

Jack: ‘I wasn’t even looking for God’

29 October 2014

Jack was not looking for God but found him anyway.

Michiel: “I stopped hating myself”

27 October 2014

Michiel says he is one of the most secure people around, but he was very unhappy growing up as a white missionary kid in Taiwan.

God showed up when we were broke

27 October 2014

“Our life has not been dull,” says Avril Game when she speaks about the difficulty of dealing with a lack of money.

God out of the shadows

27 October 2014

[ba-youtubeflex videoid=”F7geXzWL5t4″] Since being diagnosed with cancer, Tim has a…

Moment of clarity

Audrey: “God has taken the desire to drink from me.”

Life after causing death

Ex-criminal who killed cyclist during chase has changed his ways.

From criminal to saint

Ex-criminal and former drug addict Tony grew up in a violent family.

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