Healing room miracle

17 February 2023

Beverley has seen many healings through the years. But what is her favourite story?

Free of depression

16 February 2023

A miraculous encounter with Jesus changed everything for singer/songwriter Xander.

Jan: “I want more”

5 February 2023

Jan got excited about hearing God’s voice and sharing her faith.

Definition of goodness

22 January 2023

“God will give me what I need to get through it”, says Anne.

“God is amazing”

17 December 2022

Some people call Sebastian’s recovery nothing short of a miracle.

You are not alone

10 August 2022

A random act of kindness and a book by C.S. Lewis directed Daniel to Jesus.

Too good to be true?

Andrew was sceptical when he first heard about God as a good Father.

Darkness in lockdown

Ali went through a dark period during lockdown. One day, God gave her important insight.

Crying baby leads to worship

Albert: “James only settled when I started singing worship songs…I found myself experiencing God in a new way”.

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