A rocky encounter

1 March 2024

Reinier faced a huge challenge while rock climbing with a friend. It taught him a huge lesson about trusting God.

A caring Father

16 February 2024

“I saw God as a distant Father who wants you to follow his commands.”

10 YEARS, the story so far

9 February 2024

In a special jubilee video, Adriaan looks back on 10 years of Xpedition Glory.

“We gave our car away”

8 February 2024

Jonathan and April gave their car away: “God asked us to give, and He gave us twice as much back.”

God had a plan

4 February 2024

Tom wanted to study in Italy. His faith in God was tested to the max.

“I am beyond thankful”

17 December 2023

Recently, Rebecca celebrated ten years of being chronic fatigue free. She encountered Jesus during a prayer session.

“I was just very confused”

As a young adult, Leanne wanted to change her gender. “But…I knew this was not what God wanted.”

Abundant life

Ruth is still going strong at 99 years old. What difference has God made in her life?

God-inspired business idea

Rawle: “It was like a download of an idea, we just knew what to do and how to do it.”

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