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From criminal to saint

25 January 2019

Ex-criminal and former drug addict Tony grew up in a violent family.

Confidence for interview

22 January 2019

When Solomon saw a good job advertised he decided it was time to pray.

Making an impact at work

20 January 2019

Watch how God inspired Rachel in taking new steps in her career.

Miraculous end to five years of back pain

24 November 2018

A prayer from an old friend changed Rob’s life.

Her prayer brought unborn baby back to life

27 October 2018

Wendy was a sceptic when it came to healing stories.

Wrong word, right outcome

17 August 2018

Toby saw God at work in a shopping mall.

Protection from Ebola

Power of prayer: no one died in small African village.

Moment of clarity

Audrey: “God has taken the desire to drink from me.”

Life after causing death

Ex-criminal who killed cyclist during chase has changed his ways.

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