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Amazing answer to prayer

9 March 2018

Team prayed for $2300 for team member to go on mission trip.

Hope after miscarriage

14 February 2018

Abby’s first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Brothers healed of autism

20 December 2017

Father received insights for healing of sons with autism.

What happened to Jacob?

6 October 2017

Money is not on his mind anymore.

Dream nearly went up in smoke

29 September 2017

How did Adriaan beat his cannabis addiction?

“God wants to speak”

22 July 2017

Andrew was in a meeting when God told him what would happen that day.

Protection from Ebola

Power of prayer: no one died in small African village.

Moment of clarity

Audrey: “God has taken the desire to drink from me.”

Life after causing death

Ex-criminal who killed cyclist during chase has changed his ways.

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