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Can you film my story? Maybe we can! Please email us your story in max. 450 words and we’ll have a good look: Ideally we film more than one story at once, that’s why we like to organize projects with churches and organizations. We don’t know where you are in the world but we might be around one day!

I have questions about God and Jesus, can you help me? We recommend watching this video or connect with the folks at  Does a specific story appeal to you? Let us know, we might be able to connect you with that person. If you like to email us personally with a question:

Who is behind these videos? We are a team of passionate media-professionals who love video and follow Jesus in our day to day life. We have a team page where you can admire our faces. We are not a church-organisation or smooth club looking to win souls, we just want to tell many great stories of people who have experienced something of Gods goodness.

A thousand stories? Why? We feel a strong calling to make one thousand stories, so we are going for it – even if this looks impossible. We know it’s ambitious, that’s why we believe that God is behind it (he is not a small thinker..).

Can i get involved? Yes! Please like and share our stories on social media. Sharing means more people get inspired. We also need people to get behind us financially. That means we can dedicate time to the project and make more stories. Click here for more details on how to give.

How can I follow this xpedition? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. You can also receive emails with story alerts: please go to our homepage to sign up.