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Bang! First crushed by a car and then hit by God

Terri Kruschke got seriously hurt in a car accident.

“To my surprise, people were getting healed”

Maria has seen friends healed of arthritis and skin-disease.

No need for hearing aid

Hearing loss gone after Nathan got prayed for at camp

Searching for real love

After a series of broken relationships Iveta turns to religion.

Credit card help

Extraordinary things happened after Sergio prayed for help.

Miracle boy with Down

The doctor called her son with Down syndrome a ‘miracle’

Even better than the rush of catching fish

For a long time fishing was everything for Willem. But he has found something even better than the rush of catching fish.

Saved from clinical depression

Eddie: “Without Gods help I probably wouldn’t be here”

Bigger than cancer

Edel met God during the toughest times of her life.

Free from porn

Menzo has beaten his porn addiction by making a radical decision.

Free from addictions

Chris wanted to curl up and die, but decided to cry out to God for help.

Where is the tumor?

Flavio had a tumor on his throat…but then he started praying to Jesus.

I stopped hating

Michiel hated his life as white missionary kid in Taiwan.

Facing the future without fear

Sylvia fears the future and gets addicted to tarot- and angel cards.

Faith despite questions

Linda and Jan Pieter have serious, painful questions, but still follow Jesus. Why?

Quick prayer during hurricane

Adventurer Mark Stubbs made a promise to God during a hurricane disaster.

Final answer Dennis?

For nearly forty years Dennis has a burning desire to know what life is about.

Martijn chose Jesus above satanisme

Martijn is attracted to satanism as a teenager and experiments with drugs and alcohol.

God out of the shadows

Since being diagnosed with cancer, Tim has a different image of God.

God helped me cope with losing my brother

One morning in 1994 Mike Thomas received a nightmare phone call.