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Grace had a tough time being a teenager: “Family members did not communicate with each other and I longed for connection. When I was thirteen years old, it was the hardest time of my life. I wanted to commit suicide. I said to God: if you are real, it’s time for you to show up.”

In this story, Grace shares how God responded to her ultimatum. Have you ever given God an ultimatum ?


  1. Mitchell Mccormick on 4 November 2020 at 13:17

    I believe we have trials & tribulations to build our faith, & to draw closer to Jesus! We keep our eyes on JESUS during the storms of life, then we will not sink like Peter on the water! He is with US, ALWAYS!!!! This builds our faith & GIVES us another Testimony to uplift; encourage one another, & GIVING GLORY to our LORD who is WORTHY of our PRAISE!!! I’ve been a believer since I was 16. I’m 60 now, & 15 years ago I was driving a 2 door Honda Civic & had a head on collision with an 18 wheeler! Police estimated we were both going 60 mph. The truck driver had a broken arm, leg, & ribs. My seatbelt snapped & my dashboard crushed my legs with 20 breaks; my pelvis had 4 breaks. 6 breaks in my back, & 16 in my ribs. Over 50 breaks in my left arm, 3 breaks in my neck, and the left side of my skull was crushed. They gave me 28 blood transfusions & after 16 hours of surgery from this staff of 20 yrs experience; gave me a 10% chance to survive! Even if I live; I was going to be a vegetable! My wife stood up in our faith and thanked them for everything they were able to do, except SHE wasn’t going to receive their message; BECAUSE JESUS is OUR GREAT PHYSICIAN, & HE was going to SAVE ME!!! The doctor exclaimed; You can Believe whatever you want to lady! I was in an induced coma for a week when the doctor told my family he had some bad news. The nurses weren’t changing their scrubs from room to room and contaminated all of us with a staff infection called MRSA. He told my wife if I wasn’t healed by Friday & today was Monday, they were going to amputate both to help Keep me Alive! She called my pastor and 2) of my coworkers came together & laid hands on me & prayed for my healing! Friday came & they said the antibiotics must be working so there will be no amputations today! 6 weeks total I was good enough to go to a rehabilitation facility. I have 7 screws in my ankles, rods up both my legs, a new hip, & my left arm! 18 months after my accident I came back to work! That was 15 years ago! We Serve an AWESOME GOD!!!❤️✝️❤️ Please share my testimony! I have pictures to prove ALL of it!!!

  2. Shawn Leonard on 4 November 2020 at 17:13

    It was so awesome God give people heal and joy. I believed god and Jesus. So they love you and all world also who are jesus in Christ brother and sister. Amen

  3. Peter on 4 November 2020 at 21:37

    Thank God for his awesome did

  4. Mitchell Mccormick on 5 November 2020 at 00:50

    Mitchell Mccormick If you ever get to see this i just want to say Praise the LORD! He is good, don’t ever leave your faith, he is goodddddd. Hope you are doing well, take care . God is with you!!! Always share your testimony of God’s greatness in your life. ❤️ Glory to God !

  5. Nancy Mirabeau on 5 November 2020 at 00:51

    Sorry I meant to put my name but that message is for you Mitchell Mccormick

  6. Vanessa on 5 November 2020 at 06:33

    Wow such an awesome testimony, thank you for sharing that! We serve a good God! I thank God for the miracle he did in your life!

    God bless you!

  7. Dennice Foreman on 5 November 2020 at 17:37

    What a wonderful testimony! God is truly the author and finisher of our faith. I believe in God’s healing power. If he can do it for you I know and believe he can and will heal my uncle Marion Dorrah he is suffering from PSTD and wants to commit suicide. He is a believer and his mind is not working the way God has created it to work right now
    I am believing God for healing right now in the name of Jesus, God has promised us that he will never leave us or forsake us so when our minds are out of whack God will make things right. I ask for your prayers and thank you for your testimony. I believe!!!

  8. Dennice Foreman on 5 November 2020 at 17:39

    May God continue to bless you Grace thank for sharing your testimony! We are overcome by the testimony of the saints of God. God bless you

  9. Annette Wells on 6 November 2020 at 20:36

    Wow. Thank you Grace for sharing. It’s amazing to hear that at your young you asked God for help. I know your cry was immense because God heard and answered and your giving testimony today. Its beautiful to know God at a young age. Without God I’m nothing.

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