A caring Father

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Elisabetta grew up near Verona in a hardworking Italian family. “Because of their work, my parents spend a lot of time outside the house. Therefore I did not have a good relationship with my parents, especially not with my dad. I love my parents, but it shaped my life and my faith in God. I saw God as a distant Father who wants you to follow his commands.”

But things changed when Elisabetta moved to Arco to do a discipleship school with Youth with a Mission. For the first time, she heard about God being a caring Father. Not only did it change the way she viewed God, also it helped her build relationship with her dad. 

This Sunday, you can see Elisabetta’s video.

This video is part of a series of testimonies filmed in Arco, Italy, with staff of Youth with a Mission. Find out more about this YWAM base on ywamtrentino.com