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Stories from Power & Love conference

Recently we spent three days at the Power & Love conference in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. Attendees were trained to go out on the streets and share Jesus in word and deed. We took our camera’s and hit the streets to capture the stories of God at work and we asked other participants to share a good news story with us.

During one of the meetings Tim got a picture in his mind of a lady on a scooter in pain. The next day – during the activation part of the conference – he bumps into a lady on a scooter. Then and there Tim offers to pray for her.

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During the activation part of the training conference, Erika and her friends went shopping for jeans – as you do – and ended up praying for the worker at the shop, with an amazing result.

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Missionary Caleb shared a story with us that happened during his works with YWAM in the Middle East. He has seen God work above and beyond his own expectations. In this video he tells the story of how God worked through him to give a taxi-driver in Oman the surprise of his life.

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