Gods hand?

Caleb gives taxi-driver in Oman surprise of his life.

‘I felt so loved’

Aishah grew up with the Koran but now reads the Bible.

I was a crazy kid

Candace had a horrific childhood suffering sexual abuse and torture.

Searching for real love

After a series of broken relationships Iveta turns to religion.

I stopped hating

Michiel hated his life as white missionary kid in Taiwan.

A pain in the neck story

Phil Dowding is fed up with the neck trouble and asks for prayer in church.

“God is my psychologist”

Koen decides to ask God for help with his insecurity.

The enemy in my head

For years Annette struggles with her self-esteem.

A cold miracle

A broken fridge en no money: Reinie knows what to ask God for.

Ex-gambler: “I am rich”

Eighteen years long Joey Systermans was addicted to gambling.

“I have blossomed”

Internet entrepreneur Angelique says God is the secret behind her huge success.

Jack: ‘I wasn’t even looking for God’

Jack was not looking for God but found him anyway.