“God said: start a company”

Hester felt a call from God to start a business. “He wants me to shine for his glory”

“I am beyond thankful”

Recently, Rebecca celebrated ten years of being chronic fatigue free. She encountered Jesus during a prayer session.

Miracle money

Adonna, missionary in Bulgaria, has received multiple financial miracles after prayer.

Miracle in the Mall

Anna Kristine is shopping when a limping man grabs her attention.

Amazing answer to prayer

Team prayed for $2300 for team member to go on mission trip.

Love meets anger

Didi asked an angry homeless lady if she wanted to get rid of her anger.

Bang! First crushed by a car and then hit by God

Terri Kruschke got seriously hurt in a car accident.

Quick prayer during hurricane

Adventurer Mark Stubbs made a promise to God during a hurricane disaster.

Final answer Dennis?

For nearly forty years Dennis has a burning desire to know what life is about.

God helped me cope with losing my brother

One morning in 1994 Mike Thomas received a nightmare phone call.

Prayer saves company

Kevin asked God to save his company from going bust.

“I love my life with God”

Piet loves life, despite pains and niggles that come with age.

A cold miracle

A broken fridge en no money: Reinie knows what to ask God for.

“God listened to me”

Maurits cried out to God: “My life was like a swamp, I just had to get out.”

The world best internship

Michiel decided to trust God in getting the best internship in the world.

God showed up when we were broke

“Our life has not been dull,” says Avril Game when she speaks about the difficulty of dealing with a lack of money.