A rocky encounter

Reinier faced a huge challenge while rock climbing with a friend. It taught him a huge lesson about trusting God.

A caring Father

“I saw God as a distant Father who wants you to follow his commands.”

Too good to be true?

Andrew was sceptical when he first heard about God as a good Father.

You are not alone

A random act of kindness and a book by C.S. Lewis directed Daniel to Jesus.

Free from porn

Menzo has beaten his porn addiction by making a radical decision.

Final answer Dennis?

For nearly forty years Dennis has a burning desire to know what life is about.

Martijn chose Jesus above satanisme

Martijn is attracted to satanism as a teenager and experiments with drugs and alcohol.

“God listened to me”

Maurits cried out to God: “My life was like a swamp, I just had to get out.”

“Something was missing”

One day Wesley walks passed a church building and feels a strong desire to go in.