“I am beyond thankful”

Recently, Rebecca celebrated ten years of being chronic fatigue free. She encountered Jesus during a prayer session.

“God is my Father”

During a christian conference, Stephan has a life-changing experience with the love of God the Father.

I was a crazy kid

Candace had a horrific childhood suffering sexual abuse and torture.

Free from porn

Menzo has beaten his porn addiction by making a radical decision.

I stopped hating

Michiel hated his life as white missionary kid in Taiwan.

Facing the future without fear

Sylvia fears the future and gets addicted to tarot- and angel cards.

No more bitterness

Shirley asked God to help her get rid of the bitterness in her heart.

“God is my psychologist”

Koen decides to ask God for help with his insecurity.

The enemy in my head

For years Annette struggles with her self-esteem.

Michiel: “I stopped hating myself”

Michiel says he is one of the most secure people around, but he was very unhappy growing up as a white missionary kid in Taiwan.