“God said: start a company”

Hester felt a call from God to start a business. “He wants me to shine for his glory”

A life beyond imagination

Following the call on his life, Rick has seen God work in wonderful ways in his life.

Abundant life

Ruth is still going strong at 99 years old. What difference has God made in her life?

A rocky encounter

Reinier faced a huge challenge while rock climbing with a friend. It taught him a huge lesson about trusting God.

A caring Father

“I saw God as a distant Father who wants you to follow his commands.”

“We gave our car away”

Jonathan and April gave their car away: “God asked us to give, and He gave us twice as much back.”

God had a plan

Tom wanted to study in Italy. His faith in God was tested to the max.

“God is my Father”

During a christian conference, Stephan has a life-changing experience with the love of God the Father.

“I wanted to hide”

During the most challenging time of his life, Paul encounters Jesus in his garden.

Too good to be true?

Andrew was sceptical when he first heard about God as a good Father.

Meeting an angel

A modern day encounter with an angel.

Gods hand?

Caleb gives taxi-driver in Oman surprise of his life.

‘I felt so loved’

Aishah grew up with the Koran but now reads the Bible.

“To my surprise, people were getting healed”

Maria has seen friends healed of arthritis and skin-disease.

Credit card help

Extraordinary things happened after Sergio prayed for help.

Bigger than cancer

Edel met God during the toughest times of her life.

God showed up when we were broke

Avril tells about day-to-day miracles during a long period of financial struggles.

“God listened to me”

Maurits cried out to God: “My life was like a swamp, I just had to get out.”

“Something was missing”

One day Wesley walks passed a church building and feels a strong desire to go in.