“I am beyond thankful”

Recently, Rebecca celebrated ten years of being chronic fatigue free. She encountered Jesus during a prayer session.

Miracle money

Adonna, missionary in Bulgaria, has received multiple financial miracles after prayer.

“God is amazing”

Some people call Sebastian’s recovery nothing short of a miracle.

Protection from Ebola

Power of prayer: no one died in small African village.

Her prayer brought unborn baby back to life

Wendy was a sceptic when it came to healing stories.

Wrong word, right outcome

Toby saw God at work in a shopping mall.

Peter felt urge to stop for a stranger

Why did Peter feel such a urge to offer stranger a ride?

Miracle boy with Down

The doctor called her son with Down syndrome a ‘miracle’

Where is the tumor?

Flavio had a tumor on his throat…but then he started praying to Jesus.

God showed up when we were broke

Avril tells about day-to-day miracles during a long period of financial struggles.

Prayer saves company

Kevin asked God to save his company from going bust.

A pain in the neck story

Phil Dowding is fed up with the neck trouble and asks for prayer in church.

A miracle baby

Rob and Petra believed God for a miracle baby.

A dream come true

Rebecca had an amazing dream which then came true.

A cold miracle

A broken fridge en no money: Reinie knows what to ask God for.