A life beyond imagination

Following the call on his life, Rick has seen God work in wonderful ways in his life.

Abundant life

Ruth is still going strong at 99 years old. What difference has God made in her life?

A rocky encounter

Reinier faced a huge challenge while rock climbing with a friend. It taught him a huge lesson about trusting God.

“God is my Father”

During a christian conference, Stephan has a life-changing experience with the love of God the Father.

“I wanted to hide”

During the most challenging time of his life, Paul encounters Jesus in his garden.

Darkness in lockdown

Ali went through a dark period during lockdown. One day, God gave her important insight.

Crying baby leads to worship

Albert: “James only settled when I started singing worship songs…I found myself experiencing God in a new way”.

You are not alone

A random act of kindness and a book by C.S. Lewis directed Daniel to Jesus.

Stranger on a bench

Elisabeth loves talking to strangers about Jesus. One day she meets a troubled man in a park.

No testimony without the test

Barbara and Steve experienced God when their little boy nearly died.

The voice that changed the life of this radio-host

Anna: “I thought God did not want to know me.”

Final answer Dennis?

For nearly forty years Dennis has a burning desire to know what life is about.

“Something was missing”

One day Wesley walks passed a church building and feels a strong desire to go in.

Jack: ‘I wasn’t even looking for God’

Jack was not looking for God but found him anyway.