“I wanted to hide”

During the most challenging time of his life, Paul encounters Jesus in his garden.

Darkness in lockdown

Ali went through a dark period during lockdown. One day, God gave her important insight.

Crying baby leads to worship

Albert: “James only settled when I started singing worship songs…I found myself experiencing God in a new way”.

You are not alone

A random act of kindness and a book by C.S. Lewis directed Daniel to Jesus.

Stranger on a bench

Elisabeth loves talking to strangers about Jesus. One day she meets a troubled man in a park.

No testimony without the test

Barbara and Steve experienced God when their little boy nearly died.

The voice that changed the life of this radio-host

Anna: “I thought God did not want to know me.”

Final answer Dennis?

For nearly forty years Dennis has a burning desire to know what life is about.

“Something was missing”

One day Wesley walks passed a church building and feels a strong desire to go in.

Jack: ‘I wasn’t even looking for God’

Jack was not looking for God but found him anyway.