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“I can hear well again”

27 June 2018

Sanne has been healed of a life-long hearing problem.

An ultimatum for God

12 May 2018

Grace told God: “You need to show up, or else..”

A brand new Brandon

24 April 2018

An encounter with God made an end to depression.

Like a brick

30 March 2018

A quote by a preacher in Paris made a huge difference for Elise.

Mind-blowing recovery

16 March 2018

A miraculous recovery of a boy with serious brain damage.

Amazing answer to prayer

9 March 2018

Team prayed for $2300 for team member to go on mission trip.

Moment of clarity

Audrey: “God has taken the desire to drink from me.”

Life after causing death

Ex-criminal who killed cyclist during chase has changed his ways.

From criminal to saint

Ex-criminal and former drug addict Tony grew up in a violent family.

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