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Stranger on a bench

19 June 2022

Elisabeth loves talking to strangers about Jesus. One day she meets a troubled man in a park.

Deaf ears open after prayer

8 June 2022

While on mission in Nicaragua, evangelist Matt King experienced an amazing healing after he prayed for a young guy. 

Leanne: “I quit smoking with Gods help”

23 April 2021

Leanne says she experienced Gods intervention in the process of beating her nicotine addiction.

Back to prison

30 January 2020

Wez talks about his tough upbringing, addictions, prison, his faith in God

Meeting an angel

20 April 2019

A modern day encounter with an angel.

Protection from Ebola

31 March 2019

Power of prayer: no one died in small African village.

Darkness in lockdown

Ali went through a dark period during lockdown. One day, God gave her important insight.

Crying baby leads to worship

Albert: “James only settled when I started singing worship songs…I found myself experiencing God in a new way”.

Healing room miracle

Beverley has seen many healings through the years. But what is her favourite story?

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